2021 Annual Member Report

by | Aug 1, 2022

We are incredibly proud to share our long overdue 2021 Latinas in Tech Member Report! 2021 was an incredible year of growth where we worked to engage and empower our Latina community despite the challenges and uncertainties we continue to face.  

The Annual Member Report summarizes the findings from a member survey conducted at the beginning on Q1 2022. It was circulated to our members through email and social media to reach more than 1,200 respondents. Through this report, we aim to amplify the diverse voices of Latinas in Tech, and clearly outline the barriers to entry they routinely encounter as they attempt to advance their careers in Tech.  The study conceptualizes, measures, and tracks the disconnect between Latinas’ preparedness and their diminutive representation in leadership and decision-making positions. In addition to celebrating our community, our Member Report also highlights expansion projects and other positive news from the past year. 

We invite you to review our impact, take into consideration our tips to better support Latinx folks, and create inclusive cultures where people of all backgrounds and identities feel like they belong and are empowered to do their best work.

Read the full report here or download it in pdf here.



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