Chapters' Playbook

The Latinas in Tech chapters Playbook (the “Playbook”) has been developed to provide general guidelines about the organization policies and procedures for Chapters. It is a guide to assist you in becoming familiar with some of the privileges and obligations of your participation. We created this document so it serves as a one-stop-shop for all of your questions as well as a directory to other informational docs.

  • You can navigate this Playbook by using the table of contents.
  • When you are looking for something specific, use the “Find” command. (⌘F or Ctrl+F)
  • If anything is unclear, please send an email with your question to our Chapter Manager.


Who are we?

  • Latinas in Tech is a non-profit organization with the mission to connect, support and empower Latina women working in tech.
  • LiT comprises more than 14,000 women, representing all Spanish and Portuguese- speaking countries, working at more than 100 of the top technology companies across the country.
  • Our members represent the entire tech ecosystem.
    • We have engineers, cyber security experts, data scientists, business development leaders, public relations professionals, sales professionals, journalists, bloggers, entrepreneurs, investors, marketing professionals, recruiters, and more.
  • Our members work at all of the top tech companies, including:
    • Airbnb, Apple, Asana, Cisco Networks, Coursera, Dell, Dropbox, eBay, Electronic Arts, Evernote, Facebook, Google, IBM, Indeed, Intel, LinkedIn, Lyft, MasterCard, Microsoft,, Mozilla, National Instruments, Netflix, Paypal, Rackspace, Salesforce, Tableau Software, Tesla, Twitter, Uber, Visa, VMWare, Yahoo, Weebly, and Zendesk.

LiT Mission

  • Latinas in Tech’s mission is
    • to increase the number of Latinas working in tech by providing the tools and the community they need to succeed in tech.
    • to increase the number of Latinas working in tech by serving as the bridge between tech companies seeking to diversify their workforce and the Latina talent.

What do we do?

  • We are focused on empowering and connecting Latinas through three key pillars: Professional Development, Recruiting, and Mentorship.
    1. Professional Development: We want to help Latinas grow in their careers through hands-on training and leadership workshops.
    2. Recruiting: We want to connect our Latina members with job opportunities within tech companies while serving as the bridge for tech companies that want to diversify their talent.
    3. Mentorship: We want to connect Latinas with mentors that can guide and help them grow through their professional careers.
  • The core activity of Latinas in Tech are regular Meetups where we host a panel of Latina experts on different topics. We have hosted events featuring top Latina engineers, HR professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders. Due to the pandemic, we are now hosting just online events and will continue like this until further order from HQ
  • During our Meetups, we discuss topics that are important to Latinas, including: how to grow in your career, challenges/opportunities of being a Latina working in tech; how to use your culture as a strategic weapon; the importance of mentors; how to get more Latinas into tech; what are the stereotypes we need to overcome as a Latina working in tech; how do we get a “seat at the table”; how do we get more Latinas into leadership roles; career failures and what we learned from them.
  • Outside of our usual monthly meetups, we host virtual mentoring and professional development sessions as well as other inspiring conversations on our LiT-owned and run Slack channel which includes women from all over the country.
  • Every year, LiT celebrates our community with a full-day Summit that brings together business leaders, entrepreneurs, media and tech companies, investors and non-profits to tackle the tough conversations around diversity and inclusion, while also facilitating long-term relationships to help attendees and speakers in their professional journey.
  • We hosted our inaugural Latinas in Tech Silicon Valley Summit on September 28, 2017 in San Francisco. This event featured more than 200 participants, more than 30 speakers from the tech industry and more than 10 sponsors and community partners.
  • We have since then hosted three Summits in San Francisco, and in the most recent one in 2021 we had 1209 participants, more than 60 speakers, and 20 sponsors.

Social Impact

Why is a community like Latinas in Tech so important?

For many years we have been consumers of technology, and in states like California where we are well over 40% of the population, we are only less than 1% of the employees, we are often not even present in decision-making positions.

A Latina earns 54 cents for every $1 her white male counterpart earns. Only 1% of Latino startups get funding and 7 of every 10 will leave the tech industry earlier.

Latinas in Tech have over 5 years of experience on average, so the question is why are the majority of them in entry-level positions? Employee Resource Groups report that their members are not being promoted at the same rate. There is an area of opportunity we can pay attention to.

We need hiring managers and C-Suite Latinos, therefore companies need to invest in the career development of Latinx employees so that we can bring change from within before we talk about bringing external talent.

Now, Latinx cannot wait for the system to change. - Do you have a mentor, do you have a mentee, when was the last time you asked for a raise or a promotion. You have to do that now and you will be part of that change.

If your company does its part, and then you do yours we will see a real change in the short term.

That is my take on DEI and that is how I try to steer this organization.

- Rocío van Nierop

By the Numbers


Email Subscribers

Registered Members

Social Followers

What are we doing to help elevate the community through Latinas in Tech? What’s our philosophy for creating change?

We see this as a three-fold answer. We focus on what we can change in the short term, that is what the Latinas can change immediately to increase their odds of success. That is, find a mentor, ask for a raise, negotiate, get your voice heard, lead, meteor another colleague, join or create an ERG.

While we try to create a systemic change. And we do that in two ways: First, and most importantly, we work with the companies to ensure they are a good home to Latinas that are there - If they want to hire from our base they should be a good home for them with growth programs in place. For this, we partner with the Employee Resource Groups as they are our eyes and ears inside the organization.

And third and at a much lesser level, we work with policymakers, so that whatever we cannot accomplish in the first two approaches, we could one day see it in our laws at a city, state or federal level.

Our 2022 Goals

To increase representation of Latinas in Tech in decision-making positions

To increase Latina confidence in their own capabilities and skills

To increase the participation of Latina-founded startups in Venture Capital funding of $1M+

Meet LiT Corporate Team

Rocio van Nierop

Rocio van Nierop

Co-founder and Executive Director

Ana Bretschneider

Ana Bretschneider

Director of sponsorship, and programs operations

Luis Hernandez

Luis Hernandez

Product Manager

Cecilia Fischer-Benitez

Cecilia Fischer-Benitez

Program Manager

Manuel Torres

Manuel Torres

Chapters Manager

Juana Estrada

Juana Estrada

Event Manager

Andrea Aragón

Andrea Aragón

Customer success specialist

Irene A.Canalís

Irene A.Canalís

Brand Manager and UX Designer

Jennifer Madera

Jennifer Madera

Marketing Manager

Nancy Magallan

Nancy Magallan

Associate Project Manager

Natalie DePhillips

Natalie DePhillips

Sponsorship Manager


Starting a New Chapter

How to Start a Chapter

First Steps

If you are motivated to belong to a chapter but there is none in your city, you are welcome to start a new chapter where you live. It is important to clarify that a chapter cannot be created with just one person, in order to form a chapter you must have a support network of friends, co-workers or family members, interested in being part of this new chapter. This way, you all together, will be able to get down to business and start the work that involves belonging to a Chapter. Once you have this support network, you can send an email to to start the formation of this new Chapter.

Congratulations on your initiative!

Please go to the Getting your team on board (Chapter on-boarding guideline) section.

Time Allocation

At latinas in tech we highly appreciate the time that our volunteers and leaders can offer to help us achieve our goals and the Chapter goals. If possible, we would love for you to dedicate 1-2 hours a week for your chapter and 2-3 hours a week in case your chapter is planning an event.


Every chapter is different when it comes to their leadership roles and structure. Some use specific roles and titles, others rotate event responsibilities to be able to learn all areas of execution. We recommend meeting as a team to make those decisions together and set expectations as a team.

Want to become a Leader?

If you’re in the first scenario follow these steps:

  • Talk to your local chapter to see if there is a place for you to fill on their team.
  • Fill out a New Member form and let our Chapter Manager know about your form.
  • Sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDAs)
  • We will conduct a technical onboarding with each of you to give you access to all the Tech tools we have at your disposal.
  • Reach out to our Chapter Manager to onboard any new Chapter Leaders on your teams.

If you’re looking forward to creating a new chapter in your city please go to the Getting your team on board (Chapter onboarding guideline) section.

The leaders of each chapter are extremely important to us at LiT. We can divide what we expect from each leadership in three aspects:

  • First, you should plan and organize monthly or bi-monthly events, as well as be in charge of your chapter's social media.
  • Second, you are the ambassadors of LiT in the local market, building community and connecting the industry with the organization.
  • Lastly, as chapter leadership you should plan a monthly meeting with your local team, attend the quarterly meeting with all the chapters and receive monthly updates from the LiT executive team.

Aside from our expectation we also have established some requirements from each chapter:

  • Chapter leaders must participate in 75% of events throughout the year, whether it be for social media, event participation, event coordination, or any type of planning.
  • Chapter leaders must attend 75% of their local Leadership team meetings. If a member cannot attend a meeting, please notify the point of contact of your chapter.
  • Please make sure to check your Latinas in Tech emails for important updates related to your chapters and introductions of members in your cities interested in getting involved in your communities.

Chapter Leader offboarding guideline

One of our chapter leaders is no longer a part of the team. What do we need to do?

  1. First thing’s first, you reach out to our Chapter Manager and let him know who is rolling off the team.
  2. Make sure any important documents have been transferred over to someone else on the leadership team.
  3. Ask our Chapter Manager for the Chapter leader exit survey and complete it.
  4. We will remove the rolling off member from G Suite, chapter page, and the directory.
  5. If anything is unclear, please email our Chapter Manager with any questions.

Getting your team on board (Chapter onboarding guideline)

New Chapter Onboarding Checklist

  1. Once your entire team is ready to become official Chapter Leaders they will fill out a New Member form
  2. All teammates will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDAs)
  3. We will conduct a technical onboarding with each of you and will give you access to all the Tech tools we have at your disposal.
  4. Make sure to update your profile on your chapter page
  5. Reach out our Chapter Manager to onboard any additional Chapter Leaders on your teams.

None of the policies or guidelines in the Playbook are intended to give rise to contractual rights or obligations, or to be construed as a guarantee of employment for any specific period of time, or any specific type of work. Additionally, with the exception of the voluntary at‐will employment policy, these guidelines are subject to modification, amendment or revocation by Latinas in Tech at any time, without advance notice.

How to communicate with HQ

Chapter Manager's communication preferences, please review for your reference.

Slack: If you have not joined the public LiT Slack, we recommend that you do so, it will be the quickest way to get in touch with The Chapter Manager.

Email: Our Chapter Manager can be reached at Please be advised that the standard time frame for responses from him will be within 24hrs. If you have any quick questions, feel free to slack him for a semi-immediate response.

Remember - The Chapter Manager is not in any of your WhatsApp groups so contact him over email or slack.

Chapters' POC

If you want to talk to other chapters to share knowledge or ideas you can do it by email or over slack.

Email: Each city chapter leader team has an email and a point of contact that you each can communicate with, the Chapter Leaders Directory and the Chapter POC all have email addresses.

Slack: All chapter leaders should ask to joining the #litchapter-leaders channel and interact with each other, ask each other questions or advise.

Want to Volunteer?

Volunteers are those who help us with logistics and execution of the events. Their help is given on their day off and they do not have access to LiT accounts or email, unlike the Chapter Leaders.

Want to become a Member?

LiT Members are the most valuable asset for the organization, our Members are the people we are trying to help by providing resources, opportunities and community Latinas need to thrive, innovate and lead. Members are benefited by attending the events and by receiving the training from all of our programs. You are always welcome to become a member of Latinas in Tech itself, or one of the Chapters. Join us now!

About Events

    How to Plan Online/In Person Events

    Quick Links:

    Feel free to contact Manuel Torres or Juana Estrada in case you have any questions or need support with your chapter’s event.

    Note: For the year 2022, we will continue to have online events until further order from HQ.

    Important Memo

      What we can’t do as a non-profit

      • We are not allowed to invite candidates for any public office that are actively campaigning or that will use this exposure to boost their candidacy.
      • If we invite a politician please make sure they are not up for re-election and/or potentially campaigning.

      How to promote an event?

      Always have in mind

      • Choose social media marketing goals that align to your chapter objectives
      • Learn everything you can about your audience
      • Set up accounts and improve profiles
      • Create a social media content calendar (you can use Asana for this)
      • Track performance and adjust your strategy accordingly

      Best practices

      1. Use Canva’s template and design your post
      2. Write a short but catchy copy and share it with LIT Marketing Manager if you want her opinion.
      3. With the design and the copy approved, make sure to promote the event from 8 to 10 days before it actually happens
      4. Send a reminder email to all chapter members- Steps to send an email on Mailchimp:
        • Use template
        • When the email is ready, send an email to the Marketing Manager to review and send out.
      5. Optional: you post a story with a countdown on Instagram and tell people to activate the reminder
      6. Monitor social media analytics

      If you are hosting an event, make sure to always use your chapter Logo and your chapter Background.

      (We are all responsible for positioning our brand and for the proper use of our branding guideline, please do not modify these graphic resources)

      How to use the Events Templates in Canva

      Although you can communicate with your own graphic style in social media (always taking into account the given brand guidelines), we forcefully suggest that you use our official templates to communicate new events. In case the templates do not suit your needs or you have suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact the Chapters Manager.

      1) Log into your Canva account. You must have already a Canva account with your Chapter's email. If you don't have it, contact the Chapters Manager

      2) Once in your "Latinas in Tech" team, click on Projects > Shared with You > Events Templates folder > Select if you need a 'Squared' or 'Landscape' design.

      4) Select the template you need based in how many speakers will attend the event and click on 'Use this template' button.

      5) Choose one of the three different colors (pink, orange or blue). You can delete the ones you're not using.

      6) Once you're designing the event's banner:

      • Type the kind of event (PLEASE OSE ONLY: In Person/Virtual/Hybrid)
        • In case of 'In person' or 'Hybrid' event, fill the date and address lines.
        • In case of 'Virtual', please delete the address lines.
      • Fill the info: Title, names, etc.
      • Drag the speakers' pictures inside the frames.
        • If the pictures are good enough, you can also erase the pictures' backgrounds with the Canva tool, as shown in he example.
      • Put your Chapter's logo in the circle frame.
      • Sponsored event:
        • If case of having a sponsor, drag their logo in the horizontal frame. If it doesn't fit, erase the frame and just place the logo there.
        • In case of NOT having a sponsor, just erase the frame. 



      Sponsored Events Process

      1 Opt.A - Sponsor contact Chapter


      • Chapter introduces Sponsor to Chapter Manager
      • Chapter Manager connects Sponsor with Sponsorship Manager


      • Email
      • Zoom


      • Sponsor
      • Chapter Manager
      • Sponsorship Manager

      1 Opt.B - Sponsor contact Chapter


      • Chapter introduces Sponsor to Chapter Manager
      • Chapter Manager connects Sponsor with Sponsorship Manager


      • Email
      • Zoom


      • Sponsor
      • Chapter Manager
      • Sponsorship Manager
      • Customer Support
        Specialist (CSS) (Optional)

      2 - Interacting with the sponsor


      • Intro or contact Chapter Manager
      • Share Demographics with sponsor (upon
      • Identify Sponsor's needs


        • Email
        • Zendesk


        • Sponsor
        • Chapter Manager
        • Sponsorship Manager

        3 - Connection with the chapter


        • Contact with the chapter leadership team,
          introducing or reconnecting the sponsor
        • Set the date for the Kickoff meeting
        • Establish POC within the chapter leadership team


        • Email


        • Sponsor
        • Chapter Leader
        • Chapter Manager

        4 - Event Kickoff Meeting


        • The sponsor and the chapter leaders negotiate about event details (Goal, date, topic, name, etc)
        • Share the event logistics template with chapter leaders and the sponsor


        • Zoom
        • Email


        • Sponsor
        • Chapter Leaders
        • Chapter Manager
        • Sponsorships Manager (Optional)
        • Events manager (Optional)

        5 - Event planning meetings


        • Meetings between Sponsor and chapter leaders
        • Ensure the event logistics template is being flled and completed (Chapter


        • Zoom 


        • Sponsor
        • Chapter Leaders
        • Chapter Manager (Optional)
        • Events manager (Optional)

        6 - Asset, Landing page and RSVP creation


        • Design The Asset (Marketing Manager)
        • Create and Update the Event in the website (Chapter Leaders)
        • RSVP Creation (Online Event) (Event Manager)


        • Canva
        • Website
        • Zoom


        • Events Manager
        • Marketing Manager
        • Chapter Leaders
        • Programs Manager (Optional)
        • Developer (Optional)
        • Chapter Manager (Optional)

        7 - Event Coordination


        • Meetings with the sponsor ultimate details


        • Zoom
        • Meet
        • Other


        • Sponsor
        • Chapter Leaders
        • Chapter Manager (Optional)
        • Events Manager (Optional)

        8 - Event


        • Attendee List
        • After the event, send the CSV fle to the Sponsors (Sponsorship Manager / Customer Support Specialist (CSS))


        • Zoom, Hopin or in person


        • Sponsor
        • Chapter Leaders
        • Sponsorship Manager
        • CSS
        • Chapter Manager (Optional)
        • Events Manager (Optional)

        9 - Post-Event Feedback


        • Share The Event Debrief Report with the Chapters Leaders
        • Analize the information to improve future events


        • Email


        • Chapter Manager
        • Chapter Leaders

        Communication with your Local Community

        How to communicate with your local community

          All Chapters are now able to create their own Social Media handles on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook Groups, and Instagram. Please make sure to follow the following branding rules:

          Linkedin Page: Latinas in Tech - CITY

          Instagram: @latinasintechCITYINITIALS

          Twitter: latinastech_CITYINITIALS

          Facebook Group: Latinas in Tech - CITY

          Social Media

          Every chapter is required to have at least two social platforms: LinkedIn and Instagram as those are the two platforms we noticed our members us the most. 

          Here are all social media options:

          Facebook Group: You would have control of how to join your group. Is a more close connection with your followers and provides you the opportunity for everyone to post and co-create.

          Instagram: Great tool to promote events and maintain your members updated. Provides a channel for your members to message you and also connect with other accounts. You can use the Canva templates available to create quick designs.

          LinkedIn: Great channel to promote your events and connect with other Latinas professionals and network on a professional level.

          Twitter: Great channel to promote events, connect with companies and share quick thoughts. Twitter is good for building community and connecting with other accounts.

          The truth is there are many ways to connect with your members, Social Media is just a channel but the most important is the message. Here are some examples of topics that you can use for your social media accounts:

          1. Chapters events
          2. HQ events
          3. Community Partners events
          4. Invite your audience to become a website member
          5. Repost news that matters to your members
          6. Use the tools that social media channels offer to create a poll and ask questions to your members to get to know them better
          7. Repost content of content creators with their permission and give proper credit by tagging them.

          Content Guidelines


            • Feel free to reshare any content that was posted by Latinas in Tech social media.


            • Please do not engage in political conversations or introduce political content.
            • We are not allowed to invite candidates for any public office that are actively campaigning or that will use this exposure to boost their candidacy.
            • If we invite a politician please make sure they are not up for re-election and/or potentially campaigning.
            • Do not use the Global Latinas in Tech logo without prior approval
            • Do not speak on behalf of Latinas in Tech to press or media without prior approval

            Responding to comments

              • Try to respond to all comments
              • Thank for the positive reviews
              • On the other hand, for answering negative comments, keep your replies simple, short and try to sympathize

              Brand Guidelines

              Make sure to follow the Latinas in Tech Style Guidelines when using your logo for marketing purposes

              Global Logo - Our global logo should not be openly used by chapters for any purpose, if you would like to request to use it for a project or a partnership, please ask the Chapter Manager first.

              Design Guidelines - Chapters can find their chapter logo here or Canva “Lit chapter logo”. And their background design here

              2022 latinas in tech brand book

              Money Related

                Budget & Tracking Expenses

                Each chapter has an annual budget of $2,000 USD allocated by LIT. Chapter Leaders can use their budget to purchase food & beverages for events, swag or any other team expenses. There is an Expense Report document that you can use to submit expenses (please make a copy) and then share with the Chapter Manager once you're ready to expense.

                What can Chapters Expense?

                • Food & Beverages for Events
                • Swag (t-shirts, stickers, souvenirs, Kits, etc) (This has to be pre approved by LIT HQ staff)
                • LiT branded banners, pamphlets, digital marketing materials for twitter, Facebook, Instagram
                • Gift Cards (This has to be pre approved and can only be used for the benefit of the members of LIT or speakers on events)

                To spend the budget granted by LIT, donations or in-kind donations it is necessary to establish a spending plan aiming to achieve the chapter goals and share it with HQ.

                Payments and disbursements of these expenses are made through reimbursements for which HQ must be notified and the required forms filled out.

                If you still have any doubts whether something qualifies as an expense, please reach out to our Chapter Manager directly to double check.

                In-Kind Donations

                An in-kind donation is a non-cash gift made to a nonprofit organization, including goods, services, time, and expertise. Individuals, corporations, and businesses can all make in-kind donations.

                In-kind donations are considered revenue, so our accountant needs to record the in-kind donation as contribution revenue and as an asset or expense at fair market value. Do not request In-kind donations for software, please ask the Chapter Manager for guidance if you’d like to submit a request.

                If you plan on requesting an in-kind donation please reach out to to request the IRS determination letter, to share the estimated value of the in-kind or for any questions you may have regarding in-kind donations.

                Do you have a potential sponsor?

                In case an organization wants to work directly with a chapter, it has the possibility to receive cash donations directly for it. In any case, it is necessary that these donations and collaborations are informed to HQ so that it can support, facilitate and allocate the donations in the proper way, please reach out to and to if you are planning to receive or request any donation.

                If an organization or company wants to sponsor an event with you, your chapter will receive 10% of the sponsorship with a limit of $10.000 USD per year.

                If your chapter brings a lead to the organization and the lead becomes a sponsor, your chapter will receive 10% of the sponsorship with a limit of $10.000 USD per year

                As LIT is an organization that seeks to promote the union between Latinas, a small part of the donation will be directed to maintain the operation of the organization and to fulfill its objective.


                Tools description (with links)

                  Video User Guides:

                  1. How to use Mailchimp
                    • Currently chapters do not have access to segments or view their city contacts. If you want to see a roster of your Chapter’s subscribers feel free to reach out to Manuel for assistance.
                  2. How to use Canva
                  3. How to post events on
                  4. How to create events on Zoom
                    • Here is another helpful resource to keep in mind when using zoom.

                  CHAPTER'S LiT SHOP

                  How to use and access the chapter's LiT shop.

                  How to place your order:

                    • Log into LiT Shop for Chapters
                    • Enter password chapters-Lit
                    • Start selecting all the items you will need for your upcoming events and check-out, remember you can select kits or separate items according to your needs.
                    • All LiT Shop purchases will be discounted from your chapter’s budget.

                    Best Practices:

                    • Every Chapter will need to have the Branding Kit.
                    • Registration Kit & Streaming Kit will be provided upon Chapter Manager’s authorization based on the Chapter's impact in their community, you can send your order for approval.
                    • The swag items are intended to support LIT fundraising efforts and to motivate member participation. 
                    • Every swag order request will be evaluated by the Chapter Manager.

                    Promotional material:

                    If your Chapter needs any new promotional material for your events, you need to follow the following steps:
                    1. Ask your Chapter Manager for approval
                    2. Design the piece you need. LiT will provide your chapter with a Canva user.
                    3. Ask for LiT Design Team for design approval
                    4. Print your promotional material (the payment will be deducted from your chapter's budget)
                    In case the chapter is located outside of the USA you can contact or recommend your provider with LiT, the order and payment must be executed from HQ, which means that the Chapter Manager must authorize the expense and our Latinas in Tech design team must authorize the design proposal as well, before processing the payment that again will be deducted from the chapter's budget.
                    In any case, please keep in mind that the only requirement is for you to follow the corporate guidelines for color, style and logo.

                    LiT Shop Helpdesk:

                    Please contact Nancy Magallan with any questions about LiT Shop via Slack or email.