Contingency Jobs: Pros and Cons. All you Need to Know if They Suit Your Professional Goals.

by | May 12, 2022

Many times young Latinas might be blinded by the idealization of working for fancy large tech companies and they end up accepting a contingent role without knowing that their opportunities of being hired full time are little to none.

After hearing the confusion in our community regarding contingency roles and companies addressing the issue without success, we have decided to step forward and lay down the facts. Our commitment will forever be first and foremost to the Latinas that work in tech.

Having said that, we want to shed light on what exactly is a Contingent Worker and what it implies to take a job of that kind.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary:

Contingent worker: 

a person who works for a company, but is not employed permanently by it. 

Many companies use contingent workers to cut labor costs and ease management tasks.

Latinas represent a substantial portion of so-called contingent workers in Tech. 

According to our latest research, 12% of Latinas in Tech classify themselves as contingent but the percentage could be much higher due to the misunderstanding of the term. Additionally, 8% of Latinas do not have any benefits whatsoever. If we put this in plain numbers, about 2,500 of our Latinas are contingent and cannot access the same benefits as their colleagues, and over 66% of them don’t have benefits at all.

Big tech will not disclose these numbers, but our interaction with hundreds of tech employees has confirmed that the racial split of contingent workers compared to full-time employees is dramatically different. Contingent workers have a much higher representation of black and brown people.

To summarize, here are the reasons why you may not be interested in accepting a contingency job:
  • You won’t receive any sort of training from the company
  • You probably won’t be able to belong to an ERG group all together or in part
  • You won’t receive performance advise
  • You won’t have benefits such as vacation, maternity leave, healthcare or stock options
  • You won’t receive any Workers Compensation

However, not all of us have the same professional goals or the same personal situation. It is also important that you know some of the reasons why you may be interested in accepting a contingency job:

  • Flexibility for working at your own schedule
  • You can handle multiple clients
  • It’s a way to gain valuable experience
  • This might very well be your right choice.

As you can see, information is key, and before taking a new flashy job please take all this information into account. Read the fine print on any job you are applying to.


LiT’s position regarding Contingent Work

Latinas in Tech will encourage companies to avoid recruiting from our community for temporary or contracting roles, and instead focusing on full time oportunities. This will greatly increase our real representation.

Lets go from a place of love and the premise that we all want a fair and inclusive work environment.

Thank you very much.

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