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Date: 26. August

Schedule: 12:00 pm

Timezone: PDT

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Get ready! Adobe’s most incredible talent will be in the house.

Let’s all visualize an unfamiliar map with thousands of streets and options to turn left, right, forwards, or backward. It can be a little overwhelming to know which turn to take, no? But let’s imagine for a moment the same map, but you know your destination. Suddenly, all the little streets and side roads become invisible, and you can make informed decisions that direct you towards your final destination. Our careers are no different from that. It can be overwhelming to know what professional path to take. However, understanding your career goal will help keep your focus while you enjoy the ride.  

Please join us on August 26 for an insightful conversation about Creating Pathways at Adobe, and get inspired with tips that will help define your career path.



  • Genesis Giraldo, Product Manager
  • Veronika Luquin, Group Manager, Next Generation Products
  • Yadira Flores, Software Engineer. 


  • Mo Ramos, Program Manager, Diversity Talent Acquisition.

Creating Pathways at Adobe: Defining your Career Path

26. August / 12:00 pm PDT

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