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Open Forum

23. June / 4:00 pm PDT

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Date: 23. June

Schedule: 4:00 pm

Timezone: PDT

Ticket: Event finished

We will go beyond passive solidarity in response to #BlackLivesMatter. Earlier in June, we published an open letter stating where we stand on racial justice and how we will show up in the long run. 

Adopting a change framework—inspired by the public academic and activist, Rachel Cargle—we will galvanize this community through knowledge, empathy, and action. We began with a listening hour to hear the many perspectives, stories, and strategies of three Afro-Latinas in the tech ecosystem.

To continue the inclusion and anti-racism work, we’re hosting an open forum for us to reflect and internalize our learnings as a collective.

Show up in solidarity and stay for a promising dialogue on racial equality, representation, inclusion, and justice. Please come with an open heart and be mindful of the community guidelines below.

Our programming series will culminate in a roundtable (next week) for our members to discuss action plans for themselves, as individuals, as well as employees within influential tech companies.

This is only the beginning of our anti-racism work. More to come. #AmplifyMelanatedVoices #BlackLivesMatter

Community Guidelines

  • In Community: We gather together to learn and support one another, so do your part to ensure a safe environment for all.
  • Empathy First: Listen with your heart and be open to feedback. We’re all learning and navigating this together.
  • Self-Awareness: Be mindful of the words and tone you use to make a point or frame the conversation. Remember to avoid centering the narrative around yourself if you’re not a member of the identity group most affected right now.
  • Privacy Matters: Keep the conversion confidential, and examples or stories anonymous.
  • Invest in the Practice: Our goal is to ignite conversations. We aren’t looking to provide all of the answers or resources in one session—anti-racism work is a practice.
  • Speak Up: If you hear something problematic, call it out with kindness and good intention—but please, we encourage you to speak up.


Open Forum

23. June / 4:00 pm PDT

Event finished