Sponsor User Guide

Your Sponsor Account

  1. Request Sponsor Account - Please fill out this form.
  2. Account Upgrade: If we find a member in our system with this email address, we will proceed to modify her subscription. If the person was not registered already, we will create a new account. It can take us up to 2 business days to complete the upgrade. We will inform every user once her account is activated.
    (Note: We recommend everyone to register first as a Latina in Tech or as an Ally, so they can start exploring the portal and completing their profiles in advance).

Once upgraded you’ll gain access to all our premium features, including the Company Profile (Coming soon!), Jobs Board,  and Talent Pool.

Complete your profile

Your next step should be to complete your profile with your corporate information to stand out to prospective candidates you’re going to be reaching.

Take a second to explore the different sections of your Employer Dashboard, you can see the next events you can register for, our latest news, and the career board.

Right now every recruiter must update the information about the company. We have plans to create a corporate company account in the future.

Jobs Board - Posting your first job

  1. To add a new job go to the nav menu LiT Recruit > Jobs Board. Here you can see and edit the job listings you had posted before
  2. To add a new job post just click on the top right button “Post a Job”, then fill out the form.
    (Note: Please note that the Company Details section will only need to be filled out once, the information will be stored and it will be prefilled in case you need to post new listings)
  3.  Click Preview and then, if you like it you can Post it for it to go live. And that is it!

Talent Pool - Exploring Latina profiles

From the Talent Pool of candidates, you can browse and filter our members who are open to being reached by recruiters and message them directly via chat through our platform.

  1. To find this tool, go to LiT Recruit > Talent Pool in the navigation bar
  2. Then you can use the filters to narrow your search.
  3. Once you locate a candidate you can message her directly or visit her member profile if you would like to learn more about her.

Messaging Latinas

As a Premium Member, you will be able to start a conversation with any member open to be contacted by employers.

  1. You can manage all your conversations from your user profile
  2. To start a new conversation with a member, you can find a Message button on the user profile of the member you would like to reach out to.
  3. Click on the button and a popup will appear to let you start sending messages

Access to Candidates Database


Recruiters with Pro Accounts and Recruiters part of our Sponsorship deals can download the database directly from our talent pool page using the "Download" button. 


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