Software Engineer (Front End)

  • Full Time
  • US
  • Mid Level

Website Edacious

About the Company
At Edacious, we believe food should be plentiful AND nutritious. As the impacts of yield-obsessed food production on human and environmental health become clear, the ability to measure nutrition as easily as we measure yield becomes critical. Why? The most nutritious food is also the most flavorful and sustainable. Our mission is nutritional transparency, and our vision is to shift the food system so it may better serve consumers, producers, and our planet.

We are chemists, engineers, and systems-thinkers. We create novel hardware, software, and analysis tools for producers to understand the factors that produce more nutritious food and for buyers to know the nutritional quality of the food they buy. We are looking for teammates who are passionate about food, the food system, and human or environmental health!

About the Role
As the first front-end engineer, you set the UI/UX foundations for Edacious’ web apps. You write code with autonomy and purpose. You engage in debate about design criteria and viable solutions. You collaborate across several disciplines, acquiring domain knowledge in agriculture, biochemistry, business, statistics, hardware, and software. You create value throughout the food chain with intuitive products. You may work remotely with only occasional required visits to the lab in Marlborough, MA, the Boston metro area, or agreeable team locations.

Current stack: AWS, Terraform, Docker, PostgreSQL, Python, Django, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Compensation Ranges

  • Salary: $100-180k, depending on qualifications and experience
  • Equity: 0.1-0.5%, depending on qualifications, experience, and salary
  • Benefits: health, vision, and dental insurance, 401k plan, and unlimited PTO


  • A bachelor’s degree, preferably in a quantitative science or engineering field
  • Two years of professional experience (or equivalent) with JavaScript or TypeScript, HTML, CSS, and React
  • Experience building data visualization apps with responsive web design
  • Familiarity with software testing, API design, and measuring UI/UX performance
  • You must be eligible for work in the US and able to pass a background check

What to Expect

  • A 30-minute screening call with the hiring manager to assess mutual interest
  • Based on level, a skill assessment (nothing live) and/or technical presentation
  • A 45–60-minute follow-up interview with the hiring manager
  • A 30–45-minute interview with the CEO
  • Up to two reference phone calls
  • An offer decision, the choice to visit the lab, and reasonable time to accept

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