Senior Systems Engineer, iOS

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At FullStory, we’re building tech to make ‘digital’ better.

This role can be performed remotely anywhere within the United States and Canada.

The FullStory mobile team has a passion for building privacy-sensitive, exceptionally crafted, and intuitive native libraries to help app developers make their experiences “suck less” and their users happier. With a remote-first team working throughout North America, we are looking for an empathetic and effective communicator with extensive systems programming expertise to help build a best-in-class digital experience intelligence platform.

As a Senior Systems Engineer on the FullStory Mobile team, you will design solutions to help iOS developers understand all facets of how customers use their apps.

Day to day, you’ll:

  • Reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, and debug what Apple and other developers have built to re-create representations of end-user sessions of our customers’ apps, with privacy as a chief concern.
  • Write cross-platform code in Rust for shared crates, some of which handle activities like stripping potentially private information, networking utilizing Flatbuffers, automated testing, and performance optimizations with asset uploading.
  • Work alongside specialists in our Go APIs and graphics-programming-intensive-typescript frontend to ensure impeccably low-performance overhead on the device and high fidelity replay of sessions on our site.
  • Anticipate and engineer support for new iOS platform-specific features, such as SwiftUI.
    Develop ways to support common iOS frameworks such as Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, Cordova, etc.
  • Innovate new feature ideas to enable customers to build better digital experiences and the mobile team to work smarter.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Has 5+ years of technical experience
  • Has deep systems programming experience
  • Has experience mentoring engineers

It would be amazing if:

  • You are eager to apply deep systems programming knowledge to iOS
  • You are willing to eventually take a leadership role in ensuring our iOS offerings are best-in-class
  • You have the ability to help the team complete timely releases, wisely balancing competing concerns to deliver a great product
  • You have the ability to gain a solid understanding of customers’ needs and offer constructive feedback to the cross-functional team as we meet those needs

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