Senior Reverse Engineer

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Make operational technology safer and smarter.

A Little About Us

Shift5’s mission is to make operational technology safer and smarter. We’re a product company that deploys hardware and software onto civilian and military platforms—from aircraft, rail, maritime, and ground vehicles to space and weapons systems. As a rapidly growing, venture-backed startup, we offer a deeply challenging and exciting work environment. At Shift5, you’ll play a crucial role in defending critical infrastructure, civilians, and military personnel from cyberattack.  As a reverser, your contribution to the mission will be finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in operational technologies.

The Role

You will be working directly with Shift5 Labs, the vulnerability research and exploit development division of Shift5.  Your primary goal will be breaking operational technologies to support customer directed research requirements and improve Shift5 core products.  You will assess critical operational technology systems, reverse engineer their software and hardware, identify vulnerabilities, design exploits and attacks, build custom capabilities, and field your capabilities on live networks.  You play a crucial role in helping Shift5 defend critical national infrastructure, weapons platforms, and logistics by thinking like a malicious attacker.  You will be a key player in directed vulnerability research, often for the federal government in support of national security interests.

The Team

You will be a key member of our engineering team and will be working with both hardware and software from the point-of-view of a malicious attacker.  Reverse engineering software and hardware, embedded devices, embedded operating systems, operational technologies, serial data bus networks, systems-level programming, vulnerability assessment, building cyber capabilities, and writing exploits will be your day-to-day focus.  You will be working with a team of engineers, product leads, program managers, and executives to make sure your work meets customer needs, keeps the world safe, and helps build a world class company!We often work with the federal government on critical national security concerns.  Therefore clearances are valuable but not required.

Shift5 looks for creative, nerdy, passionate, hard-working, lateral thinkers. We’re patriots who care about the cyber-physical security of our fellow citizens and the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who keep us all safe. We tackle really hard problems head-on in an inclusive, calm, and highly collaborative environment. Our engineers come from diverse backgrounds.

Our technology stack is deep:

  • Our hardware engineers design and manufacture printed circuit boards in KiCad, design installation and integration packages, and program microcontrollers in C.
  • Our system engineers write blazing-fast C++ system software and integrate third-party solutions into our tech stack.
  • Our full-stack engineers craft enterprise event stream-based code, knit together infrastructure as code, and architect web APIs.
  • Our front-end engineers design beautiful web applications to expose intuitive, high-impact interfaces to our users.
  • Our data engineers conjure magical Jupyter notebook workflows, design experiments, and conceive defensive analytics to detect cyberattacks.

When assessing candidates for Senior Reverse Engineer, Shift5 Labs is looking for new team members who exhibit the following qualities:

  • Thrives in the unknown — Shift5 Labs embraces uncertainty and does not fear incomplete information.
  • We see uncertainty as opportunity; it’s a chance to take the lead and guide the problem solving process. We are comfortable engaging problems that are poorly defined and take initiative to move forward in the absence of clarity.
  • Shows passion for breaking things — Shift5 Labs has a hacker mentality and believes no system is impenetrable.  Our job is to find the vulnerabilities in systems that millions of people trust, sometimes with their lives.  We keep others safe by pointing out weaknesses in these critical systems.  We are naturally curious and have a true passion to understand systems so we can break them.
  • Takes ownership of what they build — Shift5 Labs builds powerful tools that could cause real damage, so we work hard to protect them.  We build tools that could disrupt, disable, or otherwise damage real systems that affect people’s lives.  We take that responsibility seriously.  We thoughtfully consider any disclosures.  We do not brag about our work.  We only give information to those we trust to safeguard it and use it wisely.  We take additional security steps to protect our assets and often work with the government to ensure our work remains controlled and in the right hands.

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