New Year, New Job Board, New Company Profiles

by | Feb 1, 2022

When I joined Latinas in Tech, I embarked on a listening tour that included community members, recruiters and employees. The message was clear: we needed to improve the user experience in our LiT Recruit offerings.

Today we’d like to share the latest improvements with you:

1. New Company Badges:

As Latinas, we are often looking for signals that indicate that a company welcomes our identities. We are bringing these signals to you by enabling Company Badges in each job post. These also appear on the new Company Profiles.



2. New Company Profiles:

You can learn more about prospective employers and contact recruiters by navigating to LiT Recruit –> Company Profiles.


3. New Job Board:

To streamline your job search, you can now use the following filters: Functional Area, Tools, Seniority, Perks, and Location.


We hope these improvements make your site visits more enjoyable. Be sure to keep your Latina Profile up-to-date so recruiters and other Latinas can contact you. And, please, come back often — we are only getting started.



Yara Luis – Stoll
Head of Product




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