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Latinas in Tech is a non-profit organization with the mission to connect, support, and empower Latina women working in technology and a vision to achieve fair representation in leadership positions.

Latinas in Tech programs aim to create safe spaces for learning, mentorship and recruitment.

Mentorship Program

The Latinas in Tech Mentorship Program aims to associate members of Latinas in Tech at all stages of professional development with a mentor, offering encouragement and direction to help mentees understand their untapped capacity, develop skills and accomplish individual and expert objectives.

Overall, our goal is to support them in maneuvering through all the levels of the tech ecosystem.

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Entrepreneurship Program

Latinas in Tech Entrepreneurship is an initiative of Latinas in Tech focused on providing resources, access to educational programming, and supporting Latinx entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneurship initiative will feature quarterly workshops dedicated to supporting early-stage entrepreneurs with a variety of topics, networking, and education.

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