Pamela Velazquez

Pamela Velazquez Content & Partnerships Manager, Swell Investing LLC

Pam Velazquez is a first-generation Mexican-American tackling sustainable finance in Los Angeles. Facing political persecution in Mexico, the Velazquez family was forced to leave their home in Michoacán and re-settle in Portland, Oregon in 1990. Though she came to the US as an infant and was raised American, Pam’s tenuous citizenship status has been an enduring shadow of instability and doubt. The introduction of DACA in 2012 labeled Pam a ‘Dreamer’ and afforded her a sense of stability that she had never encountered before. DACA was intended to be temporary, and while its establishment heralded improvements, life under the program is still far from a dream. Today, with a career in tech spanning a decade, Pam works as a part of the Silicon Beach startup scene in LA, specifically focusing on sustainability and financial technologies. Most recently, she headed up community and partnerships at Swell Investing.