Pilar Manchón

Pilar Manchón AI Executive, Advisor, Investor

Pilar currently serves on the Advisory Board of both AI companies and venture capital firms. She is also an investor, a lecturer and a public speaker.

Pilar has been a leading voice within the AI industry for more than 22 years: as an entrepreneur, driving her AI startup through a successful exit, and as an executive at companies such as Roku, Amazon and Intel.

After building high-performance teams, launching full product lines, raising millions in venture capital and developing leading-edge AI, Pilar believes that having an inspiring mission and a hard-working, determined and diverse team are the key to a successful venture.

Pilar’s main areas of expertise range from Natural Language Understanding and Multimodal Conversational Systems to Speech Recognition & Synthesis, Machine Translation and Language Technologies and AI in general. Pilar is particularly interested in Intelligent Conversational Agents, Cognitive Science, Machine Learning, Human-Computer Interaction, User Experience, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Ambient Computing & Robotics.

Pilar is originally from Spain and holds an MSc. in Cognitive Science and Natural Language, a Masters in Business Internationalization and a Ph.D. in Multimodal Conversational Systems.

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