Yurena García-Hevia

Yurena García-Hevia Director of Product, Latinas in Tech

I'm curious since I was a child. I notice the small details that others do not see and I always loved figuring out how things work, which causes that alternatives ways of doing the same thing come to my mind, with simpler, better and/or more creative solutions in many cases.

Taking advantage of these abilities, I have been wearing many different hats in my career, developer, researcher, consultant, marketer, creative, manager, strategist... As a result, I achieved the ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate in complex environments.

To sum up my current experience can be listed as:

  • I’m a developer, focused on the design of user friendly products were I try to make the experience as good and comfortable as possible for the user, balanced with the goal of getting high levels of conversions for the business side.
  • I have an outstanding analytical skill and vision as product developer, which is perfect to advice my customers and help them on finding solutions adapted to their needs.
  • I don't like wasting time, even less in unnecessary bureaucracy, old school methodologies and inefficient communication channels, that's why I put a lot of effort on improving and introducing better processes and tools in every company I work with.
  • I'm friendly, I enjoy meeting new people and discovering what they do. The possibility of finding amazing connections now or in the future is always there.
  • I love learning new things, at least one a day.

Specialities: project management, communications, product development, product design, operational management.

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