Your career in Tech at MongoDB

At this event, you will have the opportunity to hear from 2 outstanding senior Tech Sales leaders from the MongoDB team. Javier Molina, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Corporate & Cloud Sales and Maya Monico, SDR Manager, will share their professional journey inside the Tech industry, and how you can have a fruitful career in Tech […]

Latinx in Canada Mixer Event


Do you work in Canada or are you looking for new opportunities and would like to connect with other Latinxs ? On April 26 , Latinas in Tech Canada will host its first virtual networking event, and you are invited! What to expect? A casual and supportive environment where you can chat about workplace challenges […]


Equitable Research 101


When a company tells you they keep the “user” at the core of their products, what does that mean? Are they thinking about the user, or are they actually talking to them? Testing with them? Hearing from them what their wants, needs, and pain points are? At Adobe, the research team partners with design and […]

Bringing Authenticity Into The Workplace

What does it mean to be authentic in the workplace? How does authenticity impact you professionally? In this moderated discussion, Latinas from Hewlett Packard Enterprise will share their own personal stories about how bringing authenticity into the workplace has impacted their careers.

Latinas in Tech Summit 2021


We're back and with the best news ever! This year, the Summit will be online which means ALL OF YOU COULD ATTEND 🤗. So, no need to plan ahead or book flights to make it to the Bay Area because the Summit is coming to you, jefas! You'll be able to connect with the community, […]