La brecha salarial de género en México

En el siglo XXI, en una era en la que el conocimiento, la ciencia y los derechos humanos han alcanzado su expresión más alta, las mujeres son tratadas de manera injusta a diferencia de los hombres. Las mujeres tienen menos oportunidades laborales, más obstáculos para conseguir un trabajo, mayor nivel de hostigamiento y un salario […]

Revamp your Social Media Presence in 2021

Are you ready to… - Learn how to create engaging content? - Feel confident with the content you post? - Create a consistent plan? - Master an impactful social media presence to build brand awareness and trust with your ideal network? Post With Purpose is for you! Let’s dig deeper into your brand and find […]

How to Align Your Career and Purpose

People talk about  "purpose" like if it was a magic ingredient we need to discover to be happy in life. There is a fundamental mistake in mixing up career purpose with life purpose; because the purpose of life is not only related to work; we all know that life is much more complex than only […]

International Women’s Day Mixer

International Women's Day is a day of celebration and advocacy for women's rights and equality around the world. We couldn’t think of a better way to activate this day than by hosting a mixer to facilitate connection and conversation among our community! Come meet fellow #LatinasinTech at our speed networking mixer where you’ll make new […]

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